What some of our patients have to say about Lower Earley Osteopaths.

Sally Lock

Annie Jinks is extremely knowledgable of the anatomy and gave me great confidence in her diagnosis of my condition. She is extremely good at explaining what is wrong and great at advising on how to treat the condition. She is very skilled at drawing diagrams, and demonstrating how the exercises should be performed. Annie is extremely caring and sensitive, whilst being very professional too. I would definitely go back for further treatment and also recommend her.


I came to see Annie with chronic pain in the lower back and Tailbone for over 6 months. I had been to the GP and they suggested injections and drug treatment, which I chose to delay until after seeing an Osteopath. She was incredibly quick and skilful at identifying where the issue came from. Her treatment worked incredibly effectively and I felt improvements after a few weeks. She was clear and concise in explaining why this discomfort had arisen and keen to ensure that I could manage and maintain my back with exercises and Pilates. I am incredibly grateful to her. To wake up in the morning with no discomfort in my lower back is defiantly something to celebrate!

Ellie Barnes

Lower Earley Osteopaths will make time to treat you and it really is a treat…they know how to look after you from the moment you walk in to the moment you walk out when you feel 110 times better…Definitely recommend to anyone.

Nicky Gentle

Nicky Gentle Book Keeping Ltd
Amazing, Marcus and Emma combine experience and fresh ideas with a warm welcome. I have been going for 10 years now and they always provide pain relief for my ongoing health problems, they are now good friends too :) Highly recommended!

Michael Hart

I have only recently begun seeing Emma regarding my back problems and have found that not only does she have a wonderful professional manner; she is making good progress in reducing the pain and discomfort I suffer. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Matt Traynor

I have seen Marcus and Emma several times over the last couple of years for various sporting injuries. They always fit me in, make me feel extremely comfortable and more importantly always fix me!! They have got me through four half marathons. My injuries have included achilles heel, iliotibial band, frozen shoulder and damaged ankle ligaments. I was recommended to see them by my Personal Trainer and now I would like to recommend them highly to everyone out there reading this. I also would like to say that I too regard them as good friends :-)

Dianne Sykes

The initial session to assess my current health was thorough and unhurried and the cause of my back pain accurately and expertly identified. Treatment has removed the initial pain and I now benefit from regular ‘back maintenance’ sessions with Emma, who, as others have testified, has a wealth of advice for techniques that enable me to keep my back muscles strong. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Lower Earley Osteopaths – in fact my partner is now a patient!

Angie Cox

I currently have the pleasure of being treated by Emma. When my daughter’s horse injured my shoulder I was in a lot of pain, I spoke to my doctor who offer pain relief but it wasn’t actually improving my shoulder. After suffering for a couple of years my dad suggested going to see Emma, as Emma was already helping my mum after her hip replacement. So I booked to see Emma and I’m so pleased I did. Through a combination of exercises & treatments, Emma has given me movement back in my arm & made life a lot more comfortable. I would recommend Emma & Marcus to everyone. I was also treated by Marcus 8 years ago, when I had back problems after childbirth & touch wood my back been great ever since. They are amazing people who give you your life back in the most professional & friendly manner. Could never thank you enough

Sabrina Bradley

I started seeing Emma over a year ago having entertained a knee injury for far too long, and she has worked absolute wonders on me! From the outset, she was thorough in her diagnosis and consequent visits have been nothing but a pleasure. Who’d have thought having your neck cracked would be something to look forward to?! Emma assists me in every fitness challenge I undertake constantly offering good advice, tips and techniques: And has contributed to my wellbeing immensely. I can’t praise her enough. Thank you Emma!

Anand Rengasamy

Have been undergoing treatment for shoulder/neck pain for the past 3 months and have to thank Emma for the fantastic care / service. She is very professional and made all the dealing with the insurance company so easy as well. Thanks Emma & Lower Early Osteopaths for great service in the Lower Earley / Reading area.

Trevor Beckett

Brilliant professional people, I had originally gone to see Emma for treatment for back pains/spasms, and within a few weeks of treatment my spasms had ceased and with ongoing exercises and treatment I can now happily look forward to playing golf three times during retirement. Thanks again Emma.

Paul Kershaw

I have a back problem, or two, at both ends of the spine and also where those two ends meet in the middle… unfortunately I now have an even bigger problem – I am having to leave the Reading area and cannot take Emma with me, nor even Marcus. Don’t get me wrong, I have tried asking them politely, I have tried a carrot-and-stick approach, even plain bribery… they just won’t budge! Which is bad news for me, but good news for you. Paul K (who hasn’t quite got the hang of writing commendations yet)

Michelle Davey

Well Being Therapy Room
I have been inspired by the treatment my fiancé has been receiving from Emma. His treatment has been fantastic! After his first visit Emma emailed him an extensive message detailing the diagnosis, a full treatment plan including the exercises and stretches he should do and how I can massage him to accelerate recovery! She has been so thorough and professional that I really wanted to let everyone know about her. I never make recommendations unless I really feel the person is worthy of it but she definitely is! Michelle from the Well Being Therapy Room.

Richard Heap

I first saw Emma at the back end of 2011 because I wasn’t able to walk any distance without great pain in my calves and feet. Emma quickly diagnosed the issue and started treating it immediately. I now have no discomfort walking and I am now playing two to three rounds of golf a week without any problems.  Thank you Emma

Susan Beats

I am so pleased I brought in Annabelle to see Emma, after one treatment we came away with a very relaxed and chilled baby, Emma is very informative and patient, always taking the time to understand our concerns. I’ve already recommended lots of our friends and would highly recommend her.

Sam Prince

I first went to Lower Earley Osteopaths when I was in my second trimester of my first pregnancy. I do believe that my pregnancy was made easier thanks to the treatment from Emma. I had pain in my lower back which she worked on and relieved making walking and getting up in the morning easier. She also gave me techniques to use every day and though out labour. Emma kept a check on my whole body; I didn’t realise quite how much your body changes through pregnancy, she not only helped with my physical needs but also informed me of what was going on inside making the technical jargon understandable.

I always felt I was floating out the door. I even managed to get a back massage from her, the really plus side was she taught my husband too so that he could help during labour.

Kirsten Ebbett

Wow what an angel Emma is! In just one session she was able to make me stand and sit better and lesson my pain! I would thoroughly recommend Emma and the practice to everyone! Emma is kind, thoughtful and caring, a person who put me at ease from moment one. Thank you so much!

Lisa Lewendon

I first came to see Emma after having my first child with back problems. Within two sessions Emma had managed to fix my back and also started to sort my pelvic floor out. I continued to see Emma for treatment during my second pregnancy and six weeks after having my baby through C-Section my body feels as though it is back to normal. Emma’s treatment has been amazing and has made my body feel 100 %. She has also worked wonders on my new baby, transforming him to a very content baby with her fantastic treatment.

Natalie Reynish

I have seen a few osteopaths throughout my life for a specific sport injury that I obtained when I was young. It caused me severe pain and problems for over 15 years and until date I haven’t improved, until I met Emma. She helped me to rebuild my strength and undo the damage caused. She is a friendly yet extremely professional Osteopath that has massively helped me. I cannot thank her enough. I referred a few friends and would recommend her again.