Covid C19 Update

Steps we are taking to reduce the spread of Covid-19:

The Clinic Room:

  • We have updated our hygiene policy by implementing a 15 minute gap to ventilate and disinfecting the clinic room between each patient.
  • We now have removed clinic bedding, have wipeable pillows, new PVU chairs and are sanitising all surfaces that may be touched during your visit.
  • We are now required to wear PPE, including face masks and gloves and aprons that are changed between patients.
  • We have hand sanitiser, with a guide how to apply, if you would like to bring your own please do, we will require you to use this at the beginning of the treatment.


  • When we call to book you in for an appointment we will go through a screening procedure. We will go through arrival details, a health screening and answer any questions you have.
  • The day before the appointment you will receive an email with a covid screening, confirm entry details and check that you or any members of your household have not felt unwell, had a temperature, cough or cold in the last 7 days.
  • On arrival patients are asked to remain in their car or outside the building and we will come out to greet you at your appointment time. This allows us to be in the correct PPE, have sanitised the room and reduce contact with the previous patient. The waiting room and toilet facilities are currently closed.
  • Patients will be requested to fill out the 'COVID screening consent to treat' form at the beginning of their appointment, following their email screening the day before.


  • We aim to minimising face-to-face contact during treatment, if appropriate we will by using techniques that require patients to be face down, seated facing away from us or side-lying.

Thank you for understanding and your continued support, we look forward to seeing you soon.
Emma, Louise, Suzy and Dewi