Massage Therapy

What are the benefits of massage therapy?

  • Speeds up the body’s natural ability to repair itself
  • Encourages breakdown of scar tissue
  • Increases lymphatic flow (taking waste products away)
  • Encourages blood circulation (nourishing tissues, improving their function)
  • Reduces muscular aches and pains
  • Prevents injury
  • Improves joint mobility
  • Relaxes the mind as well as the body.

What can you expect from a massage?

Our massage treatments start with an initial assessment which includes history, activities and a physical examination, before clarifying if there are specific areas you wish to be treated or if you wish to have an overall maintenance massage.  

We use a variety of massage techniques to warm up and prepare the tissues before applying more pressure and focused techniques targeting areas of concern.  

In some cases deep pressure will be applied but it will always be done within your pain threshold.  Alternatively, some techniques may feel gentle but will be just as effective as deep pressure.  

Your session will be completed by suggestions on improving posture, exercise and targeted stretches.

Massage Therapy

I have been inspired by the treatment my fiancé has been receiving from Emma. His treatment has been fantastic! After his first visit Emma emailed him an extensive message detailing the diagnosis, a full treatment plan including the exercises and stretches he should do and how I can massage him to accelerate recovery! She has been so thorough and professional that I really wanted to let everyone know about her. I never make recommendations unless I really feel the person is worthy of it but she definitely is! Michelle from the Well Being Therapy Room.

Michelle Davey

What types of massage are available?

Deep Tissue Massage

This is a massage using deep pressure to essentially encourage muscular relaxation, improved joint and muscular mobility and relief from pain and discomfort.  Normally this type of massage focuses on specific areas of concern, however, it can also be done as a full body treatment.  

These can sometimes involve techniques that help break down points of intense tenderness in a muscle (Trigger Point Therapy), in order to encourage more blood flow to the tissues.   Pressure is gradually applied until you get to your pain threshold and held until you feel the intensity ease up.  Stretching certain muscles and parts of the body is also done to release tension and improve movement.

Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage

Pregnancy is often a time of intense highs and lows.  Massage can help by steadying blood pressure, regulating blood flow, supporting the immune system, improving breathing and relieving musculo-skeletal strain and pain.

This massage is usually done side-lying, sitting up or a combination of both.  Comfort is absolutely a priority!  This massage is aimed at reducing common pregnancy issues such as back/pelvic pain, headaches and leg cramps, among other conditions.

Emphasis on relaxing the mind and breathwork is also considered just as important as the physical work. This is your time to feel nurtured.

Aromatherapy Massage

This treatment is for you if want to destress and bring your body and mind into balance.  After a full health and lifestyle consultation an essential oil blend will be created and used in your treatment.  

This bespoke treatment is aimed at reducing muscular pain as well as calming the central nervous system.  Clients have reported a reduction of symptoms as well as a deep sense of being able to just breathe and be.  This is truly a treatment about you.