Rosamund Heath

Rosamund graduated from the ESO after completing a Masters Degree (M.Ost) in Osteopathy. Rosamund retrained as an Osteopath after bringing up her three children and training in sports massage therapy. She now offers a wide range of Osteopathic treatment and has a special interest in working with babies, children and families and people with complex issues due to traumas sustained to the body. 

She is particularly interested in visceral, paediatric and cranial osteopathy; in particular helping pregnant women and women going through the menopause; giving people compassion as well as time to listen to them.

0118 969 6811
0779 258 0402

I discovered osteopathy relatively late in life; after the birth of my first child; gradually I became hooked with the amazing power that Osteopathy has when the right tools are used to help unlock the body’s pain.    Time and time again I have turned to osteopathy to help me and I have never been disappointed.

Registered with: The General Osteopathic Council (GOSC), The Institute of Osteopathy (iO) previously the British Osteopathic Association (BOA).