Annie Jinks

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Annie Jinks B.Ost hons


Annie is a graduate from Oxford Brookes University, where she completed a four-year Undergraduate Bachelor of Osteopathy degree B.Ost (Hons).

Annie is a friendly, enthusiastic Osteopath, who believes that patient management and care is just as important as the manual treatment itself, adapting each treatment approach to the individual’s specific needs.

Annie’s interests have centered around playing Premier League University Hockey, as well as County. Here, she was able to see the recovery process from start to finish. She also enjoys other areas such as Swimming, Tennis, Squash and Running. Annie is also qualified in Sport Massage.

I first fell in love with Osteopathy as a young child when my knee pain would not dissipate after a fall. After exploring various areas of care my mother took me to see an Osteopath, where like a detective they managed to find the cause of my pain and resolve it. I treat every patient as a completely new case and having the ability to make a positive change is something I take great pleasure in doing.

I have no favorite patient type and enjoy treating all ages with any problem, from picking up a watering can in an odd way, pregnancy, poor desk posture, or pain when participating in activity.

I enjoy all sorts of activities and love a challenge, having completed Tough Mudder in 2014, various competitions and hopefully soon, a triathlon. From participating in a number of sports from a young age I understand the mechanism from which injuries can arise and the mental and physical rehabilitation processes necessary to return to sport.

Having seen a large variety of patients during my training it became clear that the patient understanding of what the injury is and how to manage it, is just as important as the treatment itself. This especially became clear to me whilst treating a young adolescent girl diagnosed with Scoliosis (curve of the spine), a subject I used as a topic for my dissertation. We will always work as team to ensure you make the best recovery specific to you.

Registered with: The General Osteopathic Council (GOSC).