Your Visit

Before we treat you we will take a case history, we will ask about the problem area, when it started and what makes it better or worse. We will ask questions about your past medical health, your lifestyle, your job and daily activities to aid our diagnosis.

We then go through a physical examination where we ask you to undress to your underwear, or a vest top and shorts. We will observe your posture: how you hold yourself, how you move and which movement(s) makes the pain worse. We may need to do some specialised checks at this point such as blood pressure, sensory skin testing, reflexes etc. Using palpation we will examine areas which are painful and test their movement. This helps us identify which underlying structures are causing your symptoms. To complete the examination we may look at other areas of the body to help us get a clearer picture of the injury and why it has not healed.


After the examination we will explain the nature of your injury as well as the possible causes and your treatment plan. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. If we feel that osteopathic treatment is not appropriate for you we will refer you to you GP or another specialist.

As osteopaths we use a wide range of hands-on treatments which are different for each person, taking into consideration age, fitness and the diagnosis. Treatment frequently includes soft tissue massage, joint articulation and muscular stretches. We may perform a range of gentle manipulations where you may hear a click or acupuncture. These techniques should help relieve pain and encourage a freer range of movement of the area.

At the end of the treatment we frequently discuss exercises, ice/heat and lifestyle advise to be done at home to support the treatment. We usually advise you take it easy 12 hours following treatment.


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