Dewi Hopley

Dewi has been a massage therapist for over 10 years.  She first studied for a Clinical & Holistic Aromatherapy diploma for 3 years.  She particularly focused on how stress impacts the immune system and how this can be managed using massage, essential oils and providing space for people who need time for themselves.  She has since been certified in various massage techniques, including Deep Tissue Massage and Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage which she will be offering at Lower Earley Osteopaths.

Dewi has worked all over the world as a massage therapist, trainer and educator in spas and wellbeing retreats.  She has worked on all kinds of people of different ages, backgrounds, cultures, physical conditions, including children and adults on the autistic spectrum. 

When she is not massaging, she enjoys painting and illustrating, sewing, doing various crafts and travelling.  She also practices meditation, yoga and loves walking outdoors.

I have always been fascinated in the relationship between the mind and body and what we can do to balance both elements to get to our optimal health.

Over the years, I have found stress to be a huge contributor to poor health.  Often, I find people are in survival mode after trying to keep up with a fast-paced life for so long.  Therefore, I find that having compassion, spending time listening to others and providing a space for people to relax, even for a short time, is a good place to start from.  The body can then begin to relax and allow the massage session to become more effective.

I feel the key to helping people effectively is for health professionals to communicate with each other and work towards getting a patient back to good health, and to empower that patient with knowledge of self-care.

Dewi is a member of the Complementary Health Professionals and is committed to continual professional development.