Kat Day

Kat graduated from the European School of Osteopathy where she completed a four year undergraduate Masters degree in Osteopathy (M.Ost).

Kat is an affable and sympathetic osteopath who takes a holistic approach to each patient and treats them as an individual. She is interested in the health and wellbeing of all her patients. She has a particular interest in cranial, paediatric and visceral Osteopathy. Outside of Osteopathy her interests lie within travel and sport, in particular horse riding and swimming. She also has a passion for art, scuba diving and music.

Kat holds a qualification in dry needling which she feels complements her treatment approach. She also intends to undertake further studies to continually expand her osteopathic skills.



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I began to develop a passion for Osteopathy as a small child, as I grew up in an osteopathic household. Every time I had an ache or pain I would have treatment and feel better within a short space of time. I have always been interested in the care and nurturing of both humans and animals. Being motivated from a young age to follow my dreams of what I wants in life, this has lead me to pursue a degree in a caring profession. To complement this, I am now participating in a post graduate course in Oxford for treating horses and dogs with Osteopathic treatment.

I am dedicated to my fitness and I have a qualification as an advanced open water diver (2015) as well has having completed a full moonwalk marathon. I am passionate towards my patients and thrive on the challenge of the many different presentations all generations can present with.

I aim to work with the patient on their self management and education. I will apply my knowledge of the human body to work together with my patient as a team, advising and supporting them in order to achieve the best treatment and care. ​​​​